Alternative Build Resources

AW2 March 19, 2024

We don't hold a monopoly on Accessible Builds here at Accessibility Wars. Here is a non-exhaustive list of some other places to find builds.

Note that the terminology can vary; many use the term LI (Low Intensity), where we simply use the term Accessible.

Additionally, many "standard" builds can function perfectly well in a Low Intensity way with minor modifications, such as camping a single weapon. That can open up some additional options after some experimentation.

For a player with accessibility needs, some of these builds may be unworkable, but some might fit well.

Build Sites

MukLuk LI Builds

Mukluk has a lot of varied content, but has a dedicated LI tag


Hardstuck has posted a few accessible builds, mostly found in the Open World section. Use their difficulty selector to filter builds.


Builds for all game modes. Builds marked with a green star are on the simpler side, and are generally more accessible. This is notably one of the few sources for roaming (non-zerg) WvW builds.

Specialized Sites


Builds for raids (and newly, open world). Snowcrows has a history of high-performer optimization, though they do have some beginner builds. Their profession sections give a great overview for each profession that is worth reading. They also includes good resources for how to get started in raids


Discretize hosts builds for 5-person fractals. Note that discretize builds typically assume use of Fractal-specific potions for extra stats.


The Downstate Ele

Video guides for easier builds. Some of these builds are also featured on Accessibility Wars, but additional options are in the channel.

Masel (YouTube)

Video guides for Instanced PvE, Open World and help with rotations

MrMystic (YouTube)

Video guides, open world and PvE builds. Some solo stuff too.

Lord Hizen (YouTube)

Not specifically Accessible, but posts a lot of builds that are designed to be very survivable and solo-capable.