Our Build Philosophy

We aim to create builds that include accomodations to allow players to engage with end-game content. We call these, appropriately enough, Accessible Builds.

We provide benchmarks to each build, and where possible, video demonstrations. These rotations and playstyles are intentionally designed so that almost any player will be able to bring it to the Lion’s Arch Aerodrome golem, and achieve the set benchmark, even at ~300 ping. They are also designed to be playable in actual play, when one has to react to mechanics. Experienced players should be able to beat the DPS benchmark without changes.

Most of our builds are currently tuned for instanced PvE balance (raids, strikes, fractals). Builds marked solo are good candidates for open world play.

Our builds are organized with a tag system. You can filter by expansion, profession, power/condi as well as accommodation needs or solo/group support, as listed below:


Solo Builds are self-ish. They are generally built for use in open world scenarios, where one can't depend on having group boon support. They will also not generally provide boons to others, unless it's 'free' to do so.


Group Builds are designed for use in an instanced PvE group, particularly raids and strikes. Some builds may also be viable in fractals or organized open world events like map meta-events.


Low Cog Builds have low cognitive complexity. These builds have less decisions, lower memorization/knowledge requirements, and definitely no long rotations. We aim to keep to a maximum of 3 actions in a combo when possible.


Low Phys Builds have low physical complexity. These builds don't use too many different buttons. The goal is to minimize lateral finger movement on the keyboard/mouse/controller.


Low Rep Builds have low physical repetition. These builds have a reduced need to press the same button rapidly. We lean on autos, and the ability to hold the weapon key down in many cases here. Note that there may be a difference for users of Action Camera particularly with these builds.


We don't hold a monopoly on Accessible Builds here at Accessibility Wars. Check out some possible alternatives