34.5k DPS

Condi Virtuoso

If you ever wanted to be Tenten from Naruto, this is it.

scooby April 02, 2024 Updated: May 26, 2024 [ group ] #condi #mesmer #virtuoso #eod #lowcog

Who knew that flying swords and throwing daggers would cause bleeding?


There are multiple gear combinations that will arrive at the same total value of stats. However, we will be copying the gear that Snow Crows uses as that is most widely used.




Condi Virtuoso is very simple in execution, you want to use your 3 button opener:

  1. Unstable Bladestorm (Dagger 3)
  2. Bladeturn Requiem
  3. Phantasmal Swordsman (Sword 5)

Then use the rest of your weapon skills off cooldown.

You want to space out the use of your Bladesong Skills in order to upkeep Deadly Blades, as this provides you with a +5% all damage buff. You can do this by tracking the cooldown of Bladecall (Dagger 2), and press a Bladesong Skill every time before or after using Bladecall (Dagger 2). Bladesong Skills should be used in the following priority:

  1. Bladeturn Requiem
  2. Bladesong Sorrow
  3. Bladesong Harmony

And you should never run out of charges if you space them out well.

Your CC skills are, in order of priority:

  1. Signet of Humility (BIG CC)
  2. Bladesong Dissonance
  3. Signet of Domination (big DPS loss, not recommended)
  4. Signet of Midnight (very not recommended)

Bladesong Distortion is also a very long immune skill, up to 3.75 seconds if you use it with maximum stacks of blades, and should be your panic button. It can also be used to dodge mechanics on various raids to increase your damage uptime.

You can also block an attack with Illusionary Riposte (Sword 4), but it is not recommended unless you are very confident of the mechanic. An example of using this to increase DPS would be on Deimos, where it's cooldown is short enough to block every knockback "pizza" mechanic.


Build demo in "high" level play