34.2k DPS

Power Daredevil

Let me smash your head in with this sparkly magic staff

scooby April 17, 2024 [ group ] #power #thief #daredevil #hot #lowcog #lowrep #lowphys

Very high damage for very little APM, but requires great positioning.





There are 2 main resources you have to manage in this rotation, Initiative and Endurance, and 2 buffs to upkeep, Relic of the Thief and Bounding Dodger.

Your skills cost initiative to cast but have no cooldown, and casting a skill refreshes Relic of the Thief uptime. Since Weakening Charge is your most damage per initiative skill, you want to use it as much as possible.

Dodging activates Bounding Dodger, but costs endurance.

Thankfully there is an easy way to manage and maintain all of these resources and uptimes.


  1. Dodge to start the fight
  2. Use all your initiative on Weakening Charge
  3. Dodge


  1. Use 2 full auto attack chains
  2. Dodge
  3. Use all your initiative on Weakening Charge
  4. Repeat

If you run out of stamina and cannot dodge after using 2 full auto attack chains, do 1 more auto attack chain for a total of 3 auto attack chains, then continue with step 2.

Your final attack in the auto attack chain is a huge twirl of the staff, and is easier to see if you use a flashier staff skin. It also plays a very different sound from the first 2 attacks, and can be used as a point of reference.

Crowd Control

You only realistically have 1 CC skill, that is Basilisk Venom. However, it is also 1 of the most effective CC skills in the game, doing up to 750 defiance bar damage each time you use it.


Build demo in "high" level play