A power-based soulbeast build. This build relies on a single combo, but otherwise boils down to just hitting buttons when they're off cooldown.




Juvenile Pig


You have ONE combo to perform in this build, the rest of your skills are pressed off cooldown.

Here's the combo, which you should perform whenever Frost Trap is off cooldown:

  1. Frost Trap
  2. "Sic 'Em!"
  3. One Wolf Pack
  4. Whirling Defense

It is very easy to cancel Whirling Defense and you should take utmost care not to cancel it.

The rest of your skills that you should press off cooldown, preferably in the order stated below, but really in no particular order, are:

  1. Maul
  2. Path of Scars
  3. Pounce
  4. Worldly Impact

Auto attack to fill any gaps.

Technically using Serpent's Strike is a DPS increase, but it has a long aftercast and cancelling aftercast is hard so we shall not press it.

The stated DPS of this build is 34.7k, but in reality this build performs MUCH better in raids. It has the highest burst damage in the game, and with many fights having multiple phases, in which your skills can cooldown between burst windows, Power Soulbeast will really start to shine.

Crowd Control

Your CC skills are, in order of how you should use them:

  1. Brutal Charge
  2. Serpent's Strike
  3. Signet of the Wild