DPS Chaos Virtuoso

AW2 June 27, 2023

Low Intensity DPS Condition Virtuoso


Take special attention with the gearing, it's less straightforward that most.


No need for weapon swap. You only spam Dagger and Dagger .

Note that Dagger is ground-targeted as of June 27

Whenever you have 5 blades you cast or .

If you want to increase DPS you can cast the elite: or if you are stocked with blades and both and are on cooldown.

Note that is no longer a block as of June 27

Don't bother casting phantasms since there are no traits improving them.


Alternative Off-Hand Weapons

Since you don't need to cast any skills from the off-hand weapon for the basic rotation, you can use any off-hand weapon, such as Focus for pulls or Sword for blocks.

Additional Notes

Food is important to get to 60% precision, with Fury you get to 100% crit chance. Your DPS is drastically affected if your Fury uptime is not 100%. Try not to press any other buttons if you are not sure how the build works because your dps might actually drop, it's literally just those 4 buttons (2, 3, F1, F2) and elite if you want to.


Traits and Skills

Template code:




Note: videos are pre-balance patch, numbers will be different. The build still works well.

Simple rotation (32.1k DPS):

Full rotation (33.8k DPS):

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