Condi Firebrand

AW2 April 16, 2022

This low-moderate intensity Firebrand build has signifigant flexibility with utility choice.

Tier Notes

  1. Autoattack + off cd
  2. As in 1, + OR off cd
  3. as in 2, + OR off cd (the one you didn't choose before), + spam .

This build is very flexible in its utility options, so you should mix and match to your own preferences.

If you are comfortable with the above, consider swapping away from Stoic Demeanor to Loremaster and learning how Firebrand tomes work. They really aren't too bad once you put in just a little practice on them.


Template code:




You are encouraged to stick to celestial + plaguedoctor when possible, though Shaman or Apothecary can be respectable replacements for Celestial. Dire will work here as well, provided a Sigil of Smoldering is used in place of Stars. In general, aim for maxing out Burning Duration, then Condition Damage, then Concentration and Vitality. Stats like Toughness, Precision, Power, and Healing Power do not matter much here. Stars can be replaced with just about any sigil you'd like, Energy is fantastic if you can dodge and weapon swap comfortably.

The build is particularly flexible when it comes to Utilities, so play around with some you might like.

Hold the Line is a personal favorite of mine, and Feel My Wrath is a super strong elite. The traits are pretty set-in-stone, other than Stoic Demeanor which is discussed in the usage.

Other References

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