The Symbolic Avenger

AW2 July 29, 2023

This build uses stacks of Symbolic Avenger to maximise the effect of symbol of protection. While spamming auto attacks for DPS. This is a power dps build but applies burning which synergizes with the trait Fiery Wrath.

This uses mostly berserker's and a few dragon's pieces to keep crit chance at 49% and below. If you need more survivability you may bring more dragons pieces.

No infusions. Budget food and utility.

Benchmark 27k using mouse only


This build has 2 breakstuns, 2 skills providing stability, provides 25 stacks of vulnerability, perma resolution, perma protection and other boons including might stacks, regeneration and aegis sharing.

Use virtues on cooldown but spread them out to maximise Inspiring Virtue duration. Use SYG and SoJ on cooldown.

Do not interrupt your auto attacks or your dps will drop. This build has a ramp up time due to symbolic avenger stacks. If you are forced into range, Hammer 3 can grant a hit from a distance. Hammer 2 can be used as a gap closer.

Hammer 4, Hammer 5 and Bane Signet can be used for CC.

Traits and Skills

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