Mesmer - Wildcard

AW2 June 05, 2022

I created a Support Staff Mirage Build, focusing on providing permanent Alacrity and 25 stacks of Might for your Subgroup. The build also generated a good amount of Aegis Applications, Resolution and Swiftness to your subgroup. There is also a decent amount of personal Protection, Vigor and Regeneration if needed Besides the Boon output, the Build has a high amount of DPS and can compete as a Top-DPS role in Encounters with Confusion sensitive Bosses (see Boss Example)

All this packed within a "Rotation" without any shatters or weapon swaps. You don't even need other Boons or Buffs like Quickness or Banners to fulfil your role. This build can perform on its very own without any Compromises on Boon Uptime. This resolves the Issue of one Player slacking and tearing other Players due to Build Dependencies with him

This makes the Build easy to pull off for new Players trying to access the Endgame PvE in Guild Wars 2. I considered this to be the goal of the Competition.


Traits and Skills

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