Mesmer - Wildcard

AW2 June 05, 2022

This build focuses on ease of play and scalability with the APM of the player

It scales roughly:~19k @ 0 APM; ~29k at 11.1 APM; ~33k @ 22 AP

It has incredible CC, easily able to top CC on Aetherblade CM and Samarog

It has class buffs resulting in 25% damage reduction and permanent stability. I've done Samarog without dodging or jumping shockwaves. Gorseval will never knock you

Sword4 and F4 provide blocks for things like Deimos pizza and Mind crush

It has a util skill (Signet of Illusions) that can be swapped to Daze mantra for more CC, Disenchanter for boon rip, Blink for mobility, etc

On Dhuum you can slot in Arcane Thievery instead of Signet of Illusions. This allows you to cleanse the torment AND rip boons from Dhuum after the soul suck. Disenchanter can be used for more rip and less greed

The build still crit caps without banners and spotter, but if either is present, you can swap to a different food without crit overcap. If both buffs are present (pretty rare in pugs these day), you'll overcap

For ~12 APM, just use one bladesong every 5 seconds in this order: Bladesong Sorrow -> Bladesong Harmony -> Bladesong harmony -> Repea

For ~24 APM do the same as above but use dagger 2 right after a bladesong to quickly restock blades and refresh stacks of Compounding Power + Illusionary Defens

Way more detail here


Traits and Skills

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