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AW2 June 05, 2022

It's a condition dps support Soulbeast which deals good DPS, supports your allies via stances and spirits and has good utility for itself

For damage you just use Sharpening Stone, Vulture Stance, One Wolf Pack, Crippling Shot, Primal Cry and Maul on CD. Since One Wolf Pack scales with allies your damage will be higher in actual encounters In addition, you are supporting your allies because of Leader of the Pack (poison with Vulture Stance, condi cleanse and healing with bear stance) and Sun Spirit. Sun Spirit can be swapped out for either another spirit (Stone Spirit (prot), Frost Spirit (power damage), Storm Spirit (Vulnerability) or another stance (Dolyak Stance (stability), Griffon Stance (Endurance Regen), Moa Stance (extremely good boon support and boon duration buff) You heal yourself every 3 seconds because of Natural Healing. You buff yourself with Fury and Quickness because of Live Fast whenever you press F3 and you extend the duration of every boon on yourself by 2 seconds everytime you get quickness because of Essence of Speed (5 seconds CD), which makes this build not as reliant on others while also supporting others Always always always always flank. Shortbow skills deal a lot more DPS when you flank. Not flanking decreases your DPS significantly Concussion Shot is a CC. Shortbow 2 can be used for a pretty good DPS increase but it will higher your APM by a lot.


Traits and Skills

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