Condi Core Engineer

AW2 April 03, 2022

This is a core engineer LI build provided by jupiter. This build may also be viewed at gw2skills.

Tier Notes

Start at 1, work up the list. Start in Flamethrower .

  1. Use auto-attacks off cooldown(). Drop your turrets and group mobs near them.
  2. As in 1, + spam off cooldown.
  3. As in 2, + occasionally drop Flamethrower for a moment to use Pistol .

Once comfortable, experiment with removing 1-2 turrets and using Elixirs, like and in their place.

Traits and Skills

Template code:




Celestial can be swapped for Viper (higher dps), Trailblazer (higher tank), or Dire (budget). If using Dire, change runes to Balthazar. Alchemy -> Inventions may be worth testing due to the number of turrets in this build.