Turret Gyro Spam-a-lot

AW2 April 08, 2022

Spam is on the menu today! This Scrapper build allows you to find your personal sweet spot between turret spam and gyro spam.

Tier Notes

  1. Auto attack and spam along with laying down turrets.
  2. As in 1, + Spam
  3. As in 2, + Spam or .

If comfortable with the above, begin replacing Turrets with Gyros.

Traits and Skills

Template code:




Marauder can be replaced by Berserker, Knight, or Soldier, though soldier and knight will perform considerably worse. Sigil of Blood can provide an extra 200 hp/s. If using , Celerity can provide additional quickness, and Concentration will help with boons. The turret slots are very flexible, especially if you are comfortable using more active utilities like elixirs or gyros.

Other References

This build may also be viewed at gw2skills