You've heard of spinning to win, now try shotgunning to win!





Start by using Elixir of Promise and Elixir of Ambition to build up blight stacks. You should always start with these 2 skills after any prolonged phases of not attacking.

The rotation consists of 3 main combos:

  1. Pre Shroud
  2. In Shroud
  3. Out Shroud

And should be looped in this order indefinitely.

Pre Shroud combo consists of:

  1. Grasping Darkness (Greatsword 5)
  2. Nightfall (Greatsword 4)
  3. Well of Suffering
  4. Harbinger Shroud

In Shroud combo consists of:

  1. Devouring Cut (Shroud 3)
  2. Dark Barrage (Shroud 2)
  3. Do it 3 times
  4. Exit Harbinger Shroud

Basically Shroud 3 Devouring Cut has a very long after cast and you are using Shroud 2 Dark Barrage to cancel the after cast.

Out Shroud combo consists of:

  1. Gravedigger (Greatsword 2)
  2. Death Spiral (Greatsword 3)
  3. Auto Attack Chain
  4. Gravedigger (Greatsword 2)

You will know when your auto attack chain is completed when the cooldown of Gravedigger (Greatsword 2) resets, in which case you should use it again immediately.

Below 50% boss HP, you will notice that Gravedigger (Greatsword 2) has no cooldown. You should use it as much as possible and Out Shroud combo basically becomes spam Gravedigger (Greatsword 2) until Enter Shroud is off cooldown.

If you find yourself being forced out of Shroud early, just carry on and do Out Shroud combo repeatedly until Grasping Darkness (Greatsword 5) is off cooldown, then recover and continue the rotation.



April 2024