This is a very accessible build that requires minimal effort to play, where majority of its effects are based on auto-attacks. The end of the auto-attack chain Symbol of Protection rely on Writ of Persistence to provide heals. You may find that DPS is fairly decent (for a healer).

This build is low cognition, low physical complexity, has very few repetitions and is functional in instanced content. This build requires only one weapon with no requirement of a weapon swap: Hammer!

Gearing and Consumables


Note: Weapon swap is optional, all the available options will lock you out of hammer and thus drop your boon coverage. Alternate weapon sets should be prioritised based on utility requirements.








Trait Alternatives

Bring Master of Consecrations if you are taking consecrations.
Bring Protector's Restoration if there aren't blockable mechanics.

This build is a simplified version of the heal alacrity build on snowcrows with selective preferences for lower intensity. If you are able to adapt to the version on SC, feel free to follow their guide.

Rotation and Utilities

Heal Alac Rotation

  1. Use your virtues starting from Rushing Justice (F1) -> Flowing Resolve (F2) -> Crashing Courage (F3).
  2. Auto Attack with minimal interruptions, using "Advance!" can provide the group with permanent swiftness without interrupting your autos.
  3. Use Flowing Resolve (F2) on cooldown, afterwards use Rushing Justice (F1)/ Crashing Courage (F3) to reposition.
  4. Use "Stand Your Ground!" when you require stability.

The importance of your auto attacks cannot be emphasized enough. Your auto attacks heal, provide alacrity, regeneration, might and protection and a field to trigger Relic of Karakosa with!

Burst Heals and Revives

  1. Use Glacial Blow (Hammer 2) for burst heals (due to Relic of Karakosa). You may refresh this skill using Banish (Hammer 4).
  2. Use "Receive the Light!" for a burst heal.
  3. Use Signet of Mercy as an emergency revive.

Crowd Control rotation

  1. You have decent CC by just using Banish (Hammer 4) and Zealot's Embrace (Hammer 3).
  2. You can extend your CC rotation by starting with Glacial Blow (Hammer 2) and refreshing it with Banish (Hammer 4).
  3. If you need more CC you may bring Sanctuary, which is ideally used in a precast scenario so you can top it up with Hammer 4.

Hybrid DPS

  1. This build does decent DPS.
  2. For low heal-pressure fights, you may bring more power traits to increase your DPS.

Other tips and tricks


Raid Ready

  1. W1 Gorseval - Immobilise your spirit with Signet of Wrath and Zealot's Embrace (Hammer 3)
  2. W1 Sabetha - You can teleport through flame wall with Crashing Courage.
  3. W2 Slothasor - Bring Absolute Resolve for additional condition cleanses.
  4. W2 Matthias - Bring Wall of Reflection for reflects. Bring Sanctuary if you require more CC.
  5. W3 Escort - This build is able to solo towers albeit a little slow with 6-8k dps. If you want to do the JP, bring "Feel My Wrath!" for a superspeed boost.
  6. W4 Samarog - You may knock Rigom back with Banish (Hammer 4) and immobilise with Zealot's Embrace (Hammer 3) and Chains of Light (Scepter 3). Bring Sanctuary if you require more CC.
  7. W6 Conjured Amalgamate - Your power DPS can be quite significant despite being a healer. Do not stop attacking with autos. Place Sanctuary when CA tosses out shields for a precast CC.
  8. W6 Qadim - You want to precast Sanctuary for each CC phase and load the CC bar with Banish (Hammer 4) as soon as the minibosses appear.
  9. W7 Sabir - For the final phase if your group needs projectile blocks, consider Shield of the Avenger and Wall of Reflection