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AW2 June 05, 2022

This is a very simple to execute quickness heal Firebrand build.

As with most heal builds, things are usually not set in stone and there is a lot you can do in terms of utility. I'll briefly mention something down below but I mainly just want to cover the basics.

Like the regular heal Firebrand build you maintain quickness through your elite ''Feel my Wrath!'', Mantra of Solace and Mantra of Potence. However what is different from my build is that you maintain a huge amount of constant passive healing while also outputting permanent protection for very high durations. This build specifically has as much passive, or mostly passive healing as possible which you mostly do by just auto-attacking on hammer. This way you are free to just focus on using your elite and mantras to keeo quickness rolling on your group. As long as you always have a mantra charge on cooldown and you use your elite as quick as possible when it's off cooldown your squad is going to be very happy.

Some of the standout traits are Absolute Resolve and Battle Presence, which gives 5 allies around you a ticking unique heal over time, all the time. Pure of Heart which makes blocks from your Aegis tick a big heal on everyone you effect, and Selfless Daring which pulses a big AoE heal around you every time you dodge. You also passively buff the endurance regeneration of your group through Purity of Body

As with any Firebrand build you have a lot of free slots for any utility you'd like to bring and you still have your tomes which are filled to the brim with all kinds of goodies from reflects to stability, to increased healing and AoE pulls. I don't want to touch on all the tomes because there is just too much to go over. But I went with the two utilities ''Advance!'' and Bow of Truth. Both can be swapped out for anything you'd like, but ''Advance!'' is both an AoE heal due to the block as well as entirely negating one possible large hit. Bow of Truth does ludicrous healing in a wide area on a low-ish cooldown, and it has 2 charges. But in all honesty, auto-attacking is all you need to do.

What makes this build work is Writ of Persistence. Your symbols stay for 2 more seconds and symbol ticks pulse healing on anyone they effect. Your 3rd auto-attack on hammer drops a symbol that pulses protection so you are entirely passively healing by auto-attacking. You have a mace and shield as well which can be used as a knockback, heal, and multiple blocks, but even auto-attacking on mace and using mace 2 does a huge amount of healing. You can even combine the two for moments of really high pressure.

There is just so much more you can do, but this has dragged on for way too long already. Keep auto-attacking on hammer and keep using your mantras and elite skill, and you'll maintain quickness and keep your squad healthy. Happy bonking!


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