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AW2 June 05, 2022

It's a DPS Dragonhunter

It uses F1 in combination with Procession of Blades , Dragon's Maw and Symbol of Resolution as burst as well as using greatsword 2 on CD You can use greatsword 4 on CD but that will result in way higher APM It provides some good utility. F3 is a block for your group and gives Aegis, F2 is mobility and Healing for allies, F1 can pull enemies or can be used as CC, greatsword 5 can pull in enemies or can be used as CC, Dragon's Maw can bind enemies or be used as CC, greatsword 2 is more mobility Bane Signet, F1, greatsword 5, Dragon's Maw and Sanctuary are good CCs Sanctuary can be swapped out for whatever you want, basically giving even more utility (reflects, stability, stunbreaks, condi cleanses etc.) Since you don't need a second weapon, you can take whatever you want there (scepter/focus or longbow for range for example).


Traits and Skills

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