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AW2 June 05, 2022

The "Herald of Life" build is a Revenant Elite spec build that provides. It pulses Alacrity, Healing, Regen, Protection, Fury, Might, and did I mention healing? It also provides CC options and it has quite a bit of toughness and about 25k health. (Dodging? pshh who needs it.

Best part is? only 12-14 button presses in a full rotation. The full rotation works fine over 40 seconds. 6-7 buttons in 20 seconds This means the rotation can run at 18-21 APM

It can probably run at a higher APM too (30-40) with some rotation adjustments

There's only one main burst, Natural Harmony. 3x in 3 seconds

Technically you can reduce the APM even more by staying in Centaur stance instead of following rotation. Especially if you like moving Ventari's tablet. You lose out on 20% outgoing heals, a few boons, and a bit of Alacrity duration... but then you only have to do 2 things. Move Ventari's tablet, and Use Natural Harmony. Still providing a ton of healing and Alacrity

The build provided in the gw2skills link below uses a very optimized amount of gear. I.E. Ascended Minstrel, food, infusions, etc.

It's fine to run on Exotic gear, and even mismatched pieces, but every 100 healing power makes a difference.


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