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AW2 June 05, 2022

The Heal Herald

This is a "druid-like" build which is really easy to play, has really reliable boons (100% protection, regen, fury, swiftness and 25 might) really good ticking healing, insane burst healing (~11k heal with one button press which has 1.5s cd) and one of the best cc skills in the game if needed (rev staff 5) This build might have a little bit more buttons to press than the average low intensity build, depending on the amout of healing needed, but since the order and speed you press your skills is completely irrelevant, i think it is suitable for this challenge. To prove my point i played the build with one hand (mouse clicks for skills only)

Btw, i am playing full magi, but you can also play this full minstrel or harrier, you will overcap boon duration and have a little less healing, but it works perfectly fine


Traits and Skills

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