Learn 1 simple combo, and hit everything else off cooldown.





Your main combo is:

  1. Purging Flames
  2. Rushing Justice
  3. Whirling Light

And you should prioritise this combo whenever Purging Flames is off cooldown.

Using Rushing Justice activates Willbender Flames, which allows you to apply stacks of burning every hit. Whirling Light and Purging Flames both have multiple hits, which synergises well. It also swirls within the fire field created by Purging Flames, generating burning bolts.

However, Rushing Justice has a shorter cool down than Purging Flames, and you should use it a second time off cooldown outside of the main combo.

You might also run into a situation where Purging Flames and Rushing Justice are desynced. If that happens, you should continue to use both Purging Flames and Rushing Justice off cooldown out of sync, and combo Rushing Justice with Whirling Light.

Beyond your main rotation, you should use:

  1. Zealot's Flame (Torch 4)
  2. Symbol of Ignition (Pistol 3)
  3. Peacekeeper (Pistol 2)

Off cooldown and in that order of priority.

Pressing Zealot's Flame (Torch 4) activates Zealot's Fire, and you should press it when all other skills are on cooldown.

Peacekeeper (Pistol 2) has a very long cast time, and you should be wary of using it right before your main combo, as delaying the main combo results in a much larger DPS loss than delaying Peacekeeper (Pistol 2).

Crowd Control

You only have 1 CC skill, Heaven's Palm, with a very short cooldown of 20s (15s with Alacrity), but that's enough CC to carry your own weight in every encounter in the game, as it does quite a bit of breakbar damage at 450.


Build demo in "high" level play