Probably the easiest raid build available in GW2.






  1. Impossible Odds while in Legendary Assassin Stance
  2. Vengeful Hammers while in Legendary Dwarf Stance

and swap legends off cooldown. You can bind both these skills to the same button to reduce mistakes.

Use off cooldown:

  1. Deathstrike (Sword 5)
  2. Shackling Wave (Sword 4)
  3. Chilling Isolation (Sword 2)

Following the above, you should never run out of energy, unless you have to CC.

Crowd Control

You need to weapon swap to your Staff for your biggest CC skill, Surge of the Mists (Staff 5). This is a big DPS loss, but is also one of the highest CC skills in the game. If you do swap to staff, just keep either Impossible Odds or Vengeful Hammers active and auto attack until you can swap back to Swords. You should still swap legends off cooldown.

If you do not want to weapon swap, your CC skills are:

  1. Shackling Wave (Sword 4)
  2. Chilling Isolation (Sword 2)
  3. Jade Winds (in Legendary Assassin Stance)
  4. Forced Engagement (in Legendary Dwarf Stance)