The easiest raid build, now with quickness!






  1. Impossible Odds while in Legendary Assassin Stance
  2. Facet of Darkness, Facet of Chaos, and Facet of Strength in Legendary Dragon Stance. Use Facet of Strength again (it should now be Burst of Strength) to consume it.

Swap legends off cooldown in Legendary Assassin Stance, and swap legends once you have use Burst of Strength twice in Legendary Dragon Stance

Use off cooldown:

  1. Deathstrike (Sword 5)
  2. Shackling Wave (Sword 4)
  3. Chilling Isolation (Sword 2)

Following the above, you should never run out of energy, unless you have to CC.

Crowd Control

You should always swap to your Staff for CC. Part of your job as a boon DPS is to do everything possible to get the most damage out of your DPS players, and this includes giving them boons and CCing so they don't have to.

Your CC skills are:

  1. Surge of the Mists (Staff 5)
  2. Chaotic Release ( Facet of Chaos flipped skill) in Legendary Dragon Stance
  3. Jade Winds (in Legendary Assassin Stance)