This is a pretty foundational build for Revenant. Simple, solid and focused.





Power Vindicator can be very easy to play, yet deliver respectable results by following the steps below:

Swap your legend when it is off cooldown or when you run out of energy, it doesn't matter much, and use:

  1. Impossible Odds while in Legendary Assassin Stance
  2. Vengeful Hammers while in Legendary Dwarf Stance

You can bind both these skills to the same button to reduce mistakes.

Use off cooldown in following priority:

  1. Deathstrike (Sword 5)
  2. Shackling Wave (Sword 4)
  3. Chilling Isolation (Sword 2)

Dodge to start the fight and dodge when your endurance is almost full.

Auto attack to fill.

Crowd Control

Your CC skills are:

However, if you're in a position where not CCing will result in failure, just swap to staff and use Surge of the Mists (Staff 5)

Note that this will tank your DPS and the only thing you can do now is to auto attack (while still dodging and swapping legends).