Meat Carver

'My advice? Use axes to fell the tree, and the hammer to pound it into submission. Your enemy is the tree.' --Tyltooth Oakfist

berdandy March 25, 2024 Updated: March 26, 2024 [ group solo ] #power #warrior #berserker #hot

Absolutely everything this build uses extends berserk. Your goal is to get into berserk as fast as possible and stay there, as long as you're hitting targets. The main difficulty is going to be to re-engage with the next target once you kill something.

This build is tested with no weapon swapping. A hammer second weapon set is provided only as CC support. Dual maces can work well too.


This is one of our more challenging builds. It's relatively simple, but unforgiving. We'll keep looking for a more accessible warrior option.







Mostly you want to use other skills to build adrenaline for F1. All skills (except signet) will extend your berserk.

  1. F1
  2. Blood Reckoning
  3. Sundering Leap
  4. Headbutt/Outrage combo
  5. Axe 5
  6. Axe 4
  7. Axe 2


  1. Headbutt
  2. Sundering Leap
  3. Earthshaker/Rupturing Smash

Crowd Control


April 2024