This mechanist build is all-signets, and no kit usage, for simple play





Use all skills off cooldown in the following priority order:

  1. Blowtorch (Pistol 4)
  2. Static Shot (Pistol 3)
  3. Poison Dart Volley (Pistol 2)
  4. Superconducting Signet
  5. Overclock Signet

Your CC skills are, in order of priority:

  1. Force Signet
  2. Glue Shot
  3. Crash Down (by unsummoning and summoning Mech)
  4. Static Shot (which makes your Mech do Rocket Punch, but since the cooldown for Rocket Punch is longer that the skill, it might not have CC)

If you need boon strip or more CC, you can replace Force Signet with Throw Mine. You can use Throw Mine off cooldown in your rotation for damage, and save it for when you know a CC bar is coming.

I actually forgot to put on my Sigil of Bursting, so this build does easily ~1k more DPS than the number in the log. You can expect 33.5k DPS.


Build demo in a pug raid