Core Elementalist has been a passion project of mine, and today I am happy to present that it is now strong enough to earn a place on the website. I genuinely believe that this is the easiest and most effective build to play right now, and I am highly recommending it.





Use all of your skills off cooldown in Fire Attunement attunement, except for your healing skill.

Your CC skills are:

  1. Comet (Water Focus 5)
  2. Freezing Gust (Water Focus 4)
  3. Shatterstone (Water Scepter 2)
  4. Gale (Air Focus 5)
  5. Blinding Flash (Air Scepter 3)
  6. Dust Devil (Earth Scepter 3)

You should cycle through your elements in the order:

  1. Water Attunement
  2. Air Attunement
  3. Earth Attunement

to CC, and return back to Fire Attunement as soon as it is off cooldown.

However, while you do have a lot of CC, going into CC is a DPS loss. As a result, this build is most effective on fights where you do not have to CC.

To minimize DPS loss, you should also use:

  1. Water Trident (Water Scepter 3)
  2. Lightning Strike (Air Scepter 2)
  3. Rock Barrier (Earth Scepter 2)
  4. Hurl (Earth Scepter 2)

while performing your CC.

This benchmark is done with Glyph of Lesser Elementals instead of the usual Glyph of Elemental Power as usually done for condi Elementalist builds. I have done this as I have seen many people in raids bring Glyph of Elemental Power instead of Glyph of Lesser Elementals, because they used the build from the guide without reading the guide.

To reduce the damage RNG, I have benched the build without precasting any Glyph of Lesser Elementals. Realistically this build is 33.8k benching with Glyph of Elemental Power, and 34.5k benching with full Glyph of Lesser Elementals precast. You should always bring Glyph of Lesser Elementals and precast it as many times as you can before the fight starts.



June 2024