A brand new spicy Fire Tempest build is great for roasted golems and friendly raid barbeques. Bring your friends, invite your neighbours.





No attunement swapping required for this build! Just camp fire and press all of your skills off CD. Remember to prioritize Overload Fire as successfully completing an Overload gives you a 15% damage boost!

Granting allies (or yourself) auras also gives you a large 10% damage boost. You can do this with Overload Fire, and Focus 5 Fire Shield.

Swap into Air or Water for HUGE amounts of CC whenever needed, and Overload Air/Water/camp Earth after while waiting to re-enter Fire attunement. This will drop your DPS to the floor but eh, mechanics are IMPORTANT.

This build isn't even at its peak potential yet. You can't actually apply enough bleeding to proc your Relic of the Fractal, so that's ~500+ more DPS that you could be doing in an actual fight when you can proc it!


Build demo in "high" level play