35.3k DPS

Lava Weaver

'Mr. Lava Lava. She call me Mr. Boombastic, tell me fantastic' -- Shaggy, probably

scooby March 02, 2024 [ group ] #condi #elementalist #weaver #hot #lowcog

Rotating between Fire and Earth Attunements, this hot weaver build gets things shaking. We include some Elementals for extra friends when you're feeling lonely.





Precast Glyph of Lesser Elementals (3 if possible) and Glyph of Elementals in Fire attunement before the fight starts.

Rotate between elements as such:

  1. Fire/Earth, press Fire
  2. Fire/Fire, press Earth
  3. Earth/Fire, press Fire
  4. Fire/Earth, repeat from top.

Use all your weapon skills off cooldown, skipping Earth Focus 5 Obsidian Flesh. Use Signet of Fire and Flame Barrage off cooldown, Glyph of Lesser Elementals off cooldown in Fire attunement, and Primordial Stance off cooldown before switching to Earth attunement.

It's also helpful if you use Fire Focus 4 Flame Wall before Fire Scepter 2 Dragon's Tooth and Fire Scepter 3 Phoenix as that will allow you to blast might for your squad. Fire Scepter 3 Phoenix is also a condition cleanse you want to use off CD so that helps your squad as well. Not much barrier generation though, since this build does not want to spam Dual Attacks.

You can replace off hand Focus with Warhorn, although based on my testing the damage isn't much better, you can choose to go with whichever weapon you prefer.

I understand the RNG with using Glyph of Lesser Elementals in a demo, which is why I have decided not to precast it. This means that I am able to show off the full rotation and build without inflating the final damage number. I choose to leave it in because I have seen many players who don't read and just use Glyph of Elemental Power during the actual fights.



April 2024