35.3k DPS

Power Catalyst

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scooby March 04, 2024 [ group ] #power #elementalist #catalyst #eod #lowcog #lowrep

An moderately easy catalyst build, with a consistent skill pattern that applies in all elements -- but still allows for flexibility when you need it.





The Opener is probably the hardest part of this rotation, but it boils down to:

  1. Start in Air Attunement Air Attunement
  2. Glyph of Storms
  3. Deploy Jade Sphere
  4. Lightning Orb (Warhorn 5)
  5. Cyclone (Warhorn 4)
  6. Polaric Leap (Sword 2)
  7. Quantum Strike (Sword 3)
  8. Swap to Fire Attunement and begin the rotation

You can remember this rotation as a flexible combo, as follows:

  1. Attunement
  2. Deploy Jade Sphere
  3. Sword 2
  4. Sword 3

This works with both Fire and Air. It even works with Earth if you want to dip into Earth for more DPS.

Use Cyclone (Warhorn 4) right before you swap into Fire Attunement.

Use Arcane Wave once at any time while you are in Fire Attunement.

Finally, use Wildfire (Warhorn 5), Glyph of Storms, and Glyph of Elementals off cooldown.

I personally like to use Glyph of Storms in Air and Glyph of Elementals in Fire, but it doesn't affect the end DPS much regardless, if at all.

Crowd Control

Your CC skills are Air 2 and 4, Water 4, Earth 2 and 5. Dropping rotation to CC loses more DPS the longer you stay out of Fire/Air Attunement. The DPS loss can be reduced by using Deploy Jade Sphere, Water 3, and Earth 2, 3, and 5. This might leave you with not enough energy for your next Deploy Jade Sphere. If you do not have enough energy for Deploy Jade Sphere, it is okay to either skip it or use it as soon as it is available.