Simple, step based rotation with most of your damage in Overload Air.


Berserker's Scholar
Berserker's Scholar
Berserker's Scholar
Berserker's Scholar
Berserker's Scholar
Berserker's Scholar
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ScepterBerserker's Force
WarhornBerserker's Accuracy

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The concept of this build relies on the trait Fresh Air resetting the cooldown of Air Attunement whenever you crit. The build will crit cap with Fury, and it is pretty much guaranteed that you will reset it as soon as you exit Air Attunement.

You always want to precast Glyph of Elementals, as well as Overload Air, before the fight starts. As much as possible you want to hit your precasted Overload Air, but that is not always possible on all bosses.

The opener goes like this:

Start in Fire Attunement


  1. Glyph of Elementals
  2. Air Attunement
  3. Overload Air

And the main loop:

  1. Fire Attunement
  2. Dragon's Tooth (Scepter Fire 2)
  3. Phoenix (Scepter Fire 3)
  4. Wildfire (Warhorn Fire 5)
  5. Air Attunement
  6. Lightning Orb (Warhorn Air 5)
  7. Lightning Storm ( Glyph of Storms in Air Attunement)
  8. Overload Air

and repeat from step 1 as soon as Fire Attunement is off cooldown. Skip Wildfire (Warhorn Fire 5), Lightning Orb (Warhorn Air 5), and Lightning Storm if they are on cooldown.

Do note that Overload Air has a ~3.5s cast time, and dodging or swapping attunements during it's cast will interrupt it and result in a large DPS loss. You can still move and use skills with no cast time, as well as queue a skill to cast after. However, this rotation is designed so that there is little to no risk of cancelling Overload Air with the rotation steps as Fire Attunement should still just be on cooldown when you complete Overload Air.

On top of the main loop, you want to cast:

  1. Lightning Strike (Scepter Air 2)
  2. "Feel the Burn!"
  3. Flame Barrage

off cooldown. All of these skills have no cast time and can be cast anytime, even during Overload Air.

It may seem a little complicated when shown in text form, but the gist of the rotation is just:

  1. Fire Attunement 2 3 5
  2. Air Attunement 2 5
  3. Overload Air

and repeat. Overload Air takes ~3.5s to cast, and you can use the downtime to cast your 'off cooldown' skills.

Your CC skills are:

  1. Blinding Flash (Scepter Air 3)
  2. Cyclone (Warhorn Air 4)
  3. Tidal Surge (Warhorn Water 4)
  4. Dust Devil (Scepter Earth 3)
  5. Dust Storm (Warhorn Earth 5)

Scepter Air 3 Blinding Flash and Warhorn Air 4 Cyclone should be on your skill bar most of the time, and if you require more CC, you can replace the step of Fire Attunement 2 3 5 with either:

  1. Water Attunement 2 3 4
  2. Earth Attunement 3 5

with a preference of Water Attunement 2 3 4, before continuing your rotation back in Air Attunement.



June 2024