Probablty the easiest to play Alacrity... hmmm


1Start by adding Ritualist pieces until you are above 20% boon duration, then fill the remaining slots with Viper's. You can replace Viper's gear with more Ritualist if you find yourself dropping Alacrity.




You give Alacrity with:

  1. Barrier Signet
  2. Crisis Zone
  3. Barrier Burst

And you should prioritise these 3 skills above all else. Crisis Zone and Barrier Burst are Mech skills, and can be autocasted. However, due to Mech positioning, you may find yourself dropping Alacrity near the starts of fights, for the 1st and 2nd round of rotations. You should manually cast Crisis Zone and Barrier Burst during your first 2 loops to ensure Alacrity doesn't drop.

Use all skills off cooldown in the following priority order:

  1. Blowtorch (Pistol 4)
  2. Static Shot (Pistol 3)
  3. Poison Dart Volley (Pistol 2)
  4. Overclock Signet

Your CC skills are, in order of priority:

  1. Glue Shot
  2. Crash Down (by unsummoning and summoning Mech)
  3. Static Shot (which makes your Mech do Rocket Punch, but since the cooldown for Rocket Punch is longer that the skill, it might not have CC)



April 2024