This is one of our more challenging builds. It's relatively simple, but unforgiving. It is also a 'Flavour of the Month' class, and might get nerfed in the future. Right now it is massively overperforming so even if it is nerfed, it should still perform reasonably well.





There are a few priority levels to follow, that are layered on top of a simple rotation structure.

Start by preheating to ~100 Heat. You can maintain your heat level by equipping a musical instrument after preheating. The recommended instrument to use is the Unbreakable Choir Bell, which costs less than 1 silver on the TP, but you can use any instrument you like.

Your rotation consists of 2 main parts,

  1. In Forge
  2. Out Forge

and is looped repeatedly.

In Forge rotation:

  1. Corona Burst (Forge 3)
  2. Photon Blitz (Forge 4) + Blade Burst
  3. Corona Burst (Forge 3)
  4. Deactivate Photon Forge

Out Forge rotation:

  1. Refraction Cutter (Sword 2) off cooldown
  2. Auto attack
  3. Engage Photon Forge @ ~80 Heat

On top of this rotation, there are 2 layers of cooldown based priority button pressing.

Layer 1:

  1. Particle Accelerator
  2. Surprise Shot

Both of these skills have no cast time and will not interrupt any skill casts and should therefore be pressed whenever they are off cooldown.

Layer 2:

  1. Photon Wall (press twice)
  2. Laser Disk
  3. Prime Light Beam

There are 2 parts of the rotation where you should check if these skills are off cooldown, after step 2 during In Forge rotation, and after using Refraction Cutter (Sword 2) once in Out Forge rotation. If the skills are off cooldown during the check, use them.

You have very nice utilities with the Shield. You can bring a Pistol instead for about 1k+ more DPS, but I will always recommend the Shield over Pistol.

Magnetic Shield (Shield 4) is a 3s long projectile reflect, and can be pressed twice in quick succession for CC.

Static Shield (Shield 5) is a 2.5s long block, and is basically your panic button. It can also be pressed twice in quick succession for CC.

A.E.D. is also a good panic button, as it heals you and prevents you from downing to lethal damage for 5 seconds. This is usually used in more advanced group to skip mechanics.

Finally, you have 1 more CC skill, Static Shock. It should be your first option when it comes to CC, followed by Magnetic Shield (Shield 4) and Static Shield (Shield 5).



April 2024