Use off cooldown:

  1. Shredder Gyro
  2. Thunderclap (Hammer 5)
  3. Electro-whirl (Hammer 2)
  4. Grenade Barrage
  5. Throw Mine
  6. Mine Field (press this twice)

You want to try to maintain as much superspeed as possible as that increases your DPS. You can do this by using Medic Gyro opposite to Shredder Gyro, when Shredder Gyro has 10s of cooldown left. You can also press it before you press any high damage skill if you forgot to use it before, but generally this ensures you have a high uptime of superspeed, increasing your damage.

Crowd Control

Your CC skills are:

  1. Spare Capacitor
  2. Throw Mine
  3. Mine Field
  4. Thunderclap (Hammer 5)

You can also use Function Gyro if you have allies that have been downed, and this will summon up to 3 seperate Gyros, which will automatically go revive allies nearby.