A hammer priority-based build, with two different priority sets (in/out of forge), this build heats up fast.





Power Holosmith, played in this rotation, can be summed up by having a skill priority order and pressing skills off cooldown, with the exception of Laser Disc and Prime Light Beam. These 2 skills have the additional condition of needing to be pressed above 50% heat.

The highest priority skills are:

They are all the same priority as each other as none of these 3 skills have a cast time, and can be cast anytime without interrupting any of your skills or auto attack chain.

In Photon Forge mode, your skill priorities are:

  1. Corona Burst (Forge 3)
  2. Photon Blitz (Forge 4)
  3. Laser Disk (above 50% heat)
  4. Prime Light Beam (above 50% heat)
  5. Auto attack when you can't press any buttons.

Outside of Photon Forge, your skill priorities are:

  1. Thunderclap (Hammer 5)
  2. Electro-whirl (Hammer 2)
  3. Photon Wall -> Launch Wall (spam the button)
  4. Auto attack when you can't press any buttons.

Crowd Control

Your CC skills are Static Shock, and Forge 5 Holographic Shockwave. That's not a lot of CC, so if you need more CC, you can swap out Rifle Turret for Throw Mine, and if you need even more CC, swap out Photon Wall for Personal Battering Ram.