Probably the easiest to play Alacrity build


1You want to swap out Berserker's gear for Diviner's until you have above 20% boon duration while maintaining at least 45% critical chance. I recommend swapping an Amulet and 2 Rings for highest cost effectiveness, but this can be done in a variety of ways.




You give Alacrity with:

  1. Barrier Signet
  2. Crisis Zone
  3. Barrier Burst

And you should prioritise these 3 skills above all else. Crisis Zone and Barrier Burst are Mech skills, and can be autocasted. However, due to Mech positioning, you may find yourself dropping Alacrity near the starts of fights, for the 1st and 2nd round of rotations. You should manually cast Crisis Zone and Barrier Burst during your first 2 loops to ensure Alacrity doesn't drop.


  1. Refraction Cutter (Sword 2)
  2. Radiant Arc (Sword 3)
  3. Overclock Signet

off cooldown, and that is basically your rotation.

Your auto attack chain reduces the cooldown of Refraction Cutter (Sword 2) and Radiant Arc (Sword 3), allowing you to cast them more often. This lines up pretty well and results in you being able to use Radiant Arc (Sword 3) every other time you use Refraction Cutter (Sword 2).

You have very nice utilities with the Shield. You can bring a Pistol instead for about ~800 more DPS, but I will always recommend the Shield over Pistol.

Magnetic Shield (Shield 4) is a 3s long projectile reflect, and can be pressed twice in quick succession for CC.

Static Shield (Shield 5) is a 2.5s long block, and is basically your panic button. It can also be pressed twice in quick succession for CC.

On top of that, you have Overclock Signet, which is a CC skill even though it is used primarily for damage. Finally, you have Force Signet, which is another CC skill, but you should only use it in the most dire of situations, as using it is a DPS loss.



April 2024